Guys. It’s happening. I’m in a functional adult relationship with the guy from my math class. I don’t really know how this happened. He like pays for dinner and opens doors for me. We hold hands when we go to the movies and we like go on real dates and stuff. And we make out a lot, in my car. We are like teenage adults…

I am so scared but I am doing my best to put myself out there, despite all my anxiety about being with someone. It’s almost weird to be not single. I mean I catch myself doing things, and I’m like stop. no. you have a boyfriend. A real one. You don’t have to be single anymore.

I mean I have a real boyfriend who plays with my hair without me even having to ask him to. That’s pretty special. I don’t know any of the past guys who would just do that without me having to ask them to.

I’m falling for him, big time. We don’t say the “L” word yet, but I hope we do some day. I have such a hard time NOT imagining the future with him in it. I have so many things I want to plan and do with him in the future.

And today, he’s actually meeting my parents.

Which is a huge deal. The kind of huge deal that kept me up all night hoping everything will be okay.

Because I like him a lot. And I’m not the type of person who loses interest. And he’s actually meeting my parents. It’s happening. TODAY.


5 thoughts on “Parents.

    • The update is that… they said he was a nice guy and he’s quiet. Which is true… but I got the sense that my mom didn’t really know what to think of him. We’ll see what happens the next time

  1. You are insanely lucky! I am so envious and happy for you. You’ve been through hell and back. And even though all of those things made you stronger than ever, it also creates that panic when someone tries to get close to you. I’m so happy you didn’t push him away, or he didn’t let you push him off. You deserve happiness. You do (:

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