Needless to say, this year has been absolutely insane. I’m about ready for things to settle down, but I don’t think they will for a long time.

The good news is that after two months of worrying that I have cancer, my biopsy came back clean. When I finally heard the news, I almost burst into tears of happiness. Somehow I stayed strong even though I was worried I was going to die for two months, which was the time it took between scheduling an initial appointment with the gyno and the results finally coming back. I didn’t want to die. I just wanted them to do whatever necessary to save my life even if it was taking out my ovaries and making it so I could never have children again.

The good news is that I’m getting a new kitten next week. My baby girl will be getting her first fur-sibling. She’s been living with some fur-cousins but has not experienced actually sharing me with another pet before. I am excited to bring him home.

The great news is that I am going back to school. It’s finally happening. I am moving to Boston and getting my Master’s in Elementary Education. The timing is a little wonky and I had to turn down an amazing opportunity at Columbia due to affordability but I am excited that this program will only take about a year and then allow me to work as a teacher September 2017.

The bad news is I haven’t been writing. Like, at all. It’s pretty bad. I have all these ideas but I have spent so much time focusing on all the paper work for grad school and tying up all the loose ends that I keep forgetting to make time to read the blogs I follow and to write down my thoughts. I am getting back into it now.

The bad news is I have to move and I’ve lived in the same city since I graduated from college over 5 years ago. It’s extremely bitter sweet and there are so many people and places I am going to miss. I am going to be living with family for the next year so saying goodbye to my independence has been quite the struggle.

The bad news is that my roommate issues became neutral and then this past weekend she made out with the boy I like behind my back. And then my heart was snapped into a million pieces and I realized that bad people don’t deserve my time or effort. I can’t even begin to explain how many times I’ve been nice to her lately and how backstabbed I am feeling right now. Luckily my move out date is in less than a month.

The bad news is I have to say goodbye to my new job that literally saved my life this past year. When my old job was about to make me go off the deep end, this job popped up and made me want to be a teacher more than ever before. I met so many wonderful children and staff members at the school I’ve been working at and have had the opportunity to teach special ed math and literacy. I definitely want to try and come back in 2017 when I’m all done with school. We only have a few more weeks left before the school year ends and I am going to be extremely sad when I have my last day with the wonderful nuggets I have gotten this amazing opportunity to work with.

So there you have it… I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but I am looking forward to these next steps that I’m going to be taking. I’ve been taking a night class already so I’ve been commuting down to Boston once a week… and barely having any time to get my homework done or to write. I promise I’ll try to do better.

I’ll be back very, very soon. Love you all and thanks for reading.


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