Empower yourself. Feel the force within you and use it to drive every fiber of your being. Seize the moment and run.

Your muscles may shake and it may be hard to breathe. As far as anyone knows, we only get one life. We only get one chance at being. If you don’t live it to its fullest, it will be gone.

Do not let yourself lose all that this beautiful world has to offer you. Breathe through the pain, take deeper breaths when you can’t help but worry if you have anything left. You have it. It’s there inside of you.

You are the luckiest person in this world, don’t you know? The rain may come down on your face, but instead of being upset, realize the rain is there to help you cool off while you run. The muscles shake but it is simply happening to warn you that you are still alive. You may feel the stab of betrayal when your heart breaks, but it is only to warn you that they weren’t worth it to begin with.

You may send a text message and get such an unclear response so then you finally feel like you are at peace. All of this is okay. It is pointing out that the only person who can empower you, is you. You have to be the one to write the emails, to take the risks, to speak your mind, and to let go. You are the only one who can take a chance for yourself. No one else can do that except you.

Empower yourself to realize that you are it. You are your only chance and when you meet other great people along the way, it is simple luck. You are lucky to have your friends and your family. The only person who can run that extra mile, unfortunately, is you. You might as well begin to accept it because that is the only time that change might actually happen.


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