Tomorrow is the end of an era. I am feeling so many conflicted emotions about it, sadness, excitement, anxiety, worry, relief.

I have my last day at my current job tomorrow and next week I will begin a new one. I have been with the same company for 4.5 years and have been ready for a change for quite some time. That doesn’t mean that I am not absolutely terrified of the upcoming change.

My schedule will not really change that much, I’ll actually probably get up at the same time every day. There are so many people I will miss, so many new people I’ll have to get to know. My connection to the school system I am working in now will probably not be the same, seeing as I had to leave in the middle of the school year abruptly.

I am so excited to finally have a position where I’ll maybe be able to try some teaching of my own. I have sat in many classrooms and wondered if it was something I would enjoy and thought that it might be so. As stressful as this decision has been to take on a new role with a brand new company I am excited for what I am about to learn!

The future seems like it might get a little brighter. I will be away from unappreciative bosses and onto a new world of new people and new experiences. I am ready for the next era to begin, and I am mostly ready to say good bye to the current one.


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