Over the weekend, I started to read the book ‘168 Hours- You Have More Time Than You Think’ by Laura Vanderkam. I find Laura’s stories of successful individuals to be highly interesting and inspiring as well. I haven’t even made it through the book halfway yet but I know that it’s going to help me immensely.

The book really puts wasted time into perspective. You don’t say, “I don’t have time for that,” you instead say “that’s not a priority for me.” The book talks about focusing on a few major “core competencies” or things that you are passionate about and want to spend the majority of your time getting better at. I’m still learning more about myself each time I read it and each day I think more about how what I’ve read applies to me.

The most inspiring lesson of the book I have read so far is the encouragement to begin “The List of 100 Dreams”. This is a fluctuating, endless list of things that you want to accomplish whether it be as simple as “I am going to fix that bookshelf” or as complex as “I will get a doctorate degree.” I think that this list is the most important part of the book for me and it will still stick with me for years to come. I will definitely do my best to cross off the items I put on my list, as often and as much as I can. This is what I have so far… I would love to hear your own versions if you feel inspired to create your own list!

My List of 100 Dreams

1. Take a dance class
2. Publish a novel
3. Take a painting class
4. Teach Yoga
5. Travel to Alaska
6. Go back to Spain
7. Get my masters degree
8. Run a 10k
9. Go rock climbing again but this time make it to the top
10. Own a house
11. Have a giant walk-in closet
12. Have a successful garden
13. Have a library in my house
14. Learn ASL
15. Fall in love
16. Figure out my dream job
17. Have my dream job
19. Have kids
20. Go to Italy
21. Be a foster parent
22. Hike Mt. Katahdin
23. Ski again
24. Visit Machu Picchu
25. Visit the Eiffel Tower
26. Go whale watching
27. Swim with dolphins
28. Take surfing lessons
29. Take a cooking class
30. See Niagara Falls
31. Achieve 200 followers on Random Ramblings
32. Take a song writing class
33. Get Published on Huffington Post
34. Publish a Children’s Novel


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