People berate you
and hate you without even knowing anything about you.
People love you, and lie to you,
and only put in just the amount of effort that they have to.
People are late, people make excuses,
but some people die for you.
People will lie for you,
they will steal from you,
and sometimes they will believe in you.
People will hug you,
people will hold you until you can’t breathe,
people will make you blue.
People defend you, people will make pretend,
people will hurt you.
People will never try enough, people will push you too hard,
people really fuck up.
People never open up enough, people refuse to let go,
people stay true to themselves.
People destroy you,
without even thinking about you.
Some people don’t think about anyone else
but themselves.
Some people care too much
and some care not even a little bit,
not even at all.


3 thoughts on “people.

  1. There are so many different people around us. Sometimes we just don’t know who is a “good person” and who is not. I wish everyone luck in being able to tell apart who’s who, and in not giving up on humanity because the reckless acts of a few.

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