The feeling in your lungs.
The sun beating down gently on your skin.
The pain in your mind, gone.
The pain in your heart, at peace.
Following your dreams piece by piece,
layer by layer.
One step at a time.
Breathing in the air all around you.
Breathing in the hope that surrounds you.
Breathing in the pain and finally
letting it go.
Dreaming of a new tomorrow.
Taking in your breath to make it more
To make it more
Your air.
The air in your lungs belongs
only to you.
No one can take that
away from you.


4 thoughts on “air.

  1. I’ve noticed you’re writing a lot more poems than your usual rantings. Is there any special reason for the change?
    I love reading your posts. They have such inspirational messages and universal themes everyone can relate to.

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