I went and joined OKcupid today, randomly. My last experience with the online dating world proved to be stupidly awkward as I found many guys I already knew were on there. All of them were not guys I would be willing to date, including my next door neighbor, all of his friends, a coworker, and my roommate’s boyfriend.


What on earth was I thinking? I decided to give online dating another try, I guess. It’s something to fill the incessant need I have for attention and I don’t even have to meet the guys if I don’t want to. It’s not like I find guys in person, anyway.

I’m not sure I will even keep up with my profile, but it was at least a little entertaining.

In order to find you better “matches” OKcupid asks you a bunch of stupid questions. Well some are actually awesome, like if you believe in another nuclear war or if you believe that gays should have the same rights. I’m glad I got those out of the way, I don’t think I can tolerate people who are homophobic or racist…

Some of the questions would actually be a really great discussion topic if you were trying to get to know someone better. Yes, I know I am a mega-super-nerd.

Anyways, I wrote in my profile that guys who don’t know the correct uses for there, their, and they’re need not even contact me. Hahaha I am such a jerk.

After I answered 50 questions, most of them stupid, some simple, and some very interesting, it alerted me that I have matches!

How exciting?! Right? Wrong.

One of them is this creepy abusive guy who used to date one of my old coworkers from Dunkin Donuts and who happens to be the father of said coworker’s two children. What on earth, OKcupid…

The next guy happens to live TWO HOURS AWAY. Anyone who reads this blog regularly would know why I’m not doing the long distance thing, ever again, at all, even if it is only two hours.

The next guy it wouldn’t let me look at his pictures more clearly until I clicked that I liked his profile. Well OKcupid, how can I even decide if I like a guy if I can’t see his pictures?

I am really, incredibly judgmental and shallow.

Anyone who reads my online profile will know that I am a grammar nazi right off the bat. So I guess that’s probably a good thing. I am a little more lenient with grammar during conversations but if you are typing or writing or texting, I am not very forgiving.

Well anyway, I think this OKcupid thing will just be some fun adventure that will inspire me to be even more randomly sarcastic about humanity. Or, perhaps, it could actually lead somewhere.

Seeing as I didn’t click the “okay with just one night” button… hopefully, guys will get the message that I am semi-serious and not looking to just be a slut.


4 thoughts on “OKcupid.

    • I think that I am all set with OKcupid. It’s really creepy. I did get one guy’s number though. I don’t even know how it will pan out!

      I don’t think I’m too bad with grammar-naziing people’s comments lol!

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