resolutions 2.0

I have barely spent any time in the blogging world lately, if any at all. I have been lost in a sea of confusion and heart break. I’ve made a few mistakes in the past month or so that are going to be really difficult to recover from. In the end, though, I am the one who chose to make those mistakes and I am looking forward to the feeling of a blank slate that 2015 will bring.

Another year, gone. It flew by before I could even comprehend its presence. I went back and looked at my resolutions post from the end of 2013. Some things have changed, and a lot of things have not. I’m ready for a fresh start and to start feeling like myself again.

So here are my resolutions from last year with a new set of commentary:

(1) Take more pictures. (I definitely could have taken more photos but my iPhone is currently out of room, so I am guessing that I took a few…)

(2) Gossip less. (Grr… I need to work on this. Wow.)

(3) Do more yoga. ( I don’t even remember the last time I did yoga. I need to join a class in January, maybe that will help.)

(4) Go on a FREAKING date. (Did this. Got my heart broken. Not sure if it was worth it. But I did it.)

(5) Be more creative. (Definitely could work more on this, but having a blog allowed me to do a little.)

(6) Run more. (I ran my first 5k. I am hoping to do the color run again, and then maybe some more 5ks after that. Gym routine starts in January. God knows I haven’t been in months.)

(7) Make a career/job improvement/change. (I tried to do this several times. I applied for many jobs. I guess I will have to keep trying or thinking of different jobs I can apply for outside of my current field. I definitely still feel like I need a change.)

I might keep my resolutions the same for this next year. They are all things I want to work on.

One thing is for sure, I need to get out of my current funk. The blogging world helped me so much in the past. So my main focus will be to write more in 2015. I want to make this blog grow as much as I can and continue to improve my writing skills as much as I can, as often as I can.


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