A storm is brewing, my friends.

I am not sure what the storm will bring, hopefully a rainbow. Sometimes, after the storm, there is simply calm.

I pray for your soul. I really do. I know that my soul has already paid for my mistakes and I have grieved for you, and I can do so no longer.

I can’t pick myself up immediately or exuberantly. I can only pick myself up slowly. Especially if there’s no one to lean on in the mean time.

I may not be the most beautiful woman in the room, I may not be the happiest, but I am the most sure. I don’t pine for you because it’s right or wrong, I pine for you because I want to. Because I see the greater good in you. I see the wonder in your embrace and the passion behind your kiss.

The waiting is nearly over. The storm is coming. I may make some mistakes but at least I will be prepared for what is coming. There can be nothing further that I don’t already have the ability to handle.

I am an aries. I am intense. I am emotional and I make mistakes. I fight for what I believe in and have a hard time letting things go. I see things in black and white, while you see them in gray. I need to slow down, and you need to speed up, just a little bit.

I will meet this storm head on and come out better than fine in the end. I am no longer scared this time.


3 thoughts on “storm.

  1. Just caught up on your last few posts. I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s tough when someone else is not forthcoming about their thoughts or reasoning. Try not to think of yourself as unlucky… absolutely anything can turn around, in time. Whichever way your storm goes, I wish you smooth seas soon enough!

    • yeah I am hoping for the best, truly trying my hardest. Thank you for your support!

      Guys do things that continue to baffle me all of the time. I guess I will never fully get it because I am not a guy, for which I am really thankful. I hope the storm leads me to positive energy and away from the bad.

  2. A lot of great imagery there. You are surely the proverbial calm before the storm — well, before, during and after.

    When I was younger I used to fear storms. Now I see them as teaching moments that make me stronger — well, after I’ve whined about them and wished they would go away.

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