I am so thankful for all of the positive people in my life keeping me grounded. That’s all I wanted to say! All my blogospere friends and all my friends and family, of course.

I realized something, life is too short.

I told him I missed him and that I wanted to talk. He agreed that we could talk.

We’re hopefully going to talk next week, when I get back from a weekend away. I’m off to Vermont where there is no cell phone reception and no internet… It’s kind of like a retreat. I keep thinking I don’t want to go, and avoiding getting ready, but then I realized something else. My family loves having me there. It makes them happy, and maybe seeing other people is that little push that I need to get happier.

I’m not overly positive about us talking next week, or hopeful that will end in us being back the way we were, but I am positive about the future. But, I put myself out there. I did it without whining or trying to make him feel guilty. I simply told him, I talking to you and spending time with you and I think we should talk. If it doesn’t work out, I have so many people who are supporting me. It’s incredibly awesome.

I have pulled myself up from much worse. I can do this.


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