No matter if you are crying, don’t let the tears get in the way of your feelings.

Your feelings are important. Your hard work is so important. People might not appreciate the hard work you put in, but you have put in so much effort that you begin to lose yourself.

Losing yourself isn’t very good. It’s not helpful, productive, or pleasant. It certainly happens, though. Sometimes the feelings that scream “I’m lost” are inevitable. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is.

We try so hard to communicate effectively. Texting may not be the best solution, but it’s the most convenient. Words hurt: regardless of the medium from which they come.

I made a deal with myself. I was going to be more honest this year. This even includes when I need help. This even includes letting someone know if they have said something that hurts me. Whether or not they apologize to me, at least I have said my part.

I’m finding myself by struggling through the tears and expressing myself in the end. The outcome will be very different than if I was to hide. The outcome will express my inner self, the very workings of my person.

I don’t mind people saying mean things to me. I’ve experienced a lot of pain in my day. I don’t really know how to cry anymore, just simply because I’ve experienced so much pain. I’ve lost the ability to cry about things that are actually making me sad.

The pain has only made me stronger. I am going to express my mind. That’s what tears should make us do. They are cathartic, but then they need to make us think and work harder.

Now if only I could cry so I could actually experience that cathartic release.


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