Yesterday, I noticed this cute guy sitting in this room as me and my coworkers hijacked the room because of its air conditioning when we sat down to do our daily paperwork. He was insanely muscular, handsome, very considerate to be able to let us use the space too. He got to witness an awkward social mishap and just sat there chuckling to himself. I kept looking at him, like a curious child, and hoping that maybe he noticed me looking? I’m socially awkward.

Fast forward to today, I wake up and wonder what time it is, and of course it’s 6:45 and I forgot to set my alarm, I realize it’s just early enough for me to be on time. I bolt around getting ready, and feeling the pressure of running a little bit late (lazy), put on ballet flats, don’t shave my legs, and put on jean capris to cover up the hairy legs. I also grab a microwavable lunch from the freezer due to my impeccable laziness.

I get to work, earlier than all of my coworkers, and sit there awkwardly trying to find things to do as well as make awkward conversation with the teacher who’s there whom I’ve just met. My coworkers finally arrive, then the kids, and then we start our day. Two minutes in, my boss comes and asks me to cover for a staff member who’s out. I grab my stuff, thinking we will just be in another room somewhere else in the school…

Only to find out… we are going on a field trip. To a beach. Where there’s no microwave. Where you can go in the water, if you are not wearing jean capris and/or packed a change of clothes. Where kids run around like crazy and you’re with a bunch of staff that you don’t know. Ugh. I also didn’t have any cash to spend on lunch because I hadn’t known about the field trip until they were already lining up for the bus.

So I grit my teeth and waited until 4:30 PM to eat some lunch, and spent time in the water getting a little bit of water splashing on my legs. And then I didn’t put sunscreen on because I am kind of an idiot sometimes…

I noticed the cute guy from yesterday was one of the staff on the field trip. I saw him immediately when we got on the bus. Awesome. Having some eye candy for the day kind of made it better.

And it was fantastic. We talked about chafing nipples, the crazy things that the bad kids we work with do, and what kind of toilets they have in Japan. And then when I went to leave a little bit early so I could finish my paper work and not go into overtime, he said bye to me and told me to have a good weekend :).

I’m not saying we are going to date. Frankly, who knows what we even have in common. I saw him playing soccer like a badass- and I am the least athletic person in existence when it comes to sports. I also think that he is way too good looking for me. But, it’s giving me hope to have found someone that I feel actually attracted to. Lately, I haven’t been meeting guys that do anything for me.

I feel like I have the potential to actually meet guys now. Guys that aren’t creepy and stare at you like a socially-challenge pre-pubescent boy. Guys that can laugh about the fact that your client just came up to you and told you how his nipples hurt. Guys that take pride in having a good body and staying in shape beyond high school.

So yeah, if he asked me on a date I wouldn’t say no…


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