So many of my girl friends have made me feel uncomfortable lately, not purposefully, but they act like there’s something wrong with me. They don’t seem to appreciate my singledom, and half of them are boy crazy, trying to balance multiple boys at once and stressing themselves out. They seem to think that it’s okay to try and push guys on me that I have nothing in common with. This infuriates me, for some reason. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me (most of the time).

This past weekend we decided to go out on a Thursday. I haven’t really seen Thursdays as fun nights since college, but I am on stay-cation so I thought what the hell.

My guy friend was dancing with our visiting friend, my other friend was dancing with a guy friend of hers, and there was a very tall, very handsome guy standing nearby that knew my friends (let’s call him Tall Guy). He was extremely shy. Of course, my girl friend who is more outgoing than I am began dancing with him, and that left me all alone by myself, to fend if any strange guys came up to me and tried to get me to dance with them. ugh.

A friend of Tall Guy came up to me and immediately asked me to dance with him. Um, no. Tall Guy’s friend, I don’t even know your name. I’ve never even met you. I don’t dance with strangers, sorry. Let’s at least have a conversation first, then maybe, if I am feeling way less self-conscious than usual, I might dance with you.

Then, as my luck would have it, I noticed this guy standing close by who was awkwardly waving his hands over my friends as they all danced with their partners. Let’s dub him Stalker. Well Stalker proceeds to follow me around the bar, never getting closer to me than about ten feet, but clearly following me. I became more and more agitated as the night went on.

I went to the bar to get a drink from my roommate, Stalker follows me over there. I go back to dance with my friends, Stalker follows me to the dance floor, and gets a little bit closer, making me entirely more uncomfortable. I go up in the DJ booth, and Stalker’s friend follows me into the DJ booth. Proceeds to introduce himself to me, and then tells me that my roommates are friends with him and thought that I should meet his friend, who unfortunately happens to be Stalker.

I suspected that his friend that he wanted to introduce me to was Stalker at the time, and I crossed my fingers that it wasn’t true and that there was some miracle that it was some nice guy who I’d never seen before. The next day, my roommate shows me a picture of him, and yes, it’s Stalker.

Now after Stalker’s friend approached me, I went on a crazy rant to both roommates how I am not comfortable meeting my future boyfriend in a bar. I was insanely angry with the combination of drinks, watching the guy I wanted to talk to grinding with my friend, and being followed around the bar. I don’t dance with strangers, let alone usually speak to them. I am not like most girls. I don’t find people staring at me flattering or guys offering to buy me a drink without even speaking to me beforehand flattering. I find that it makes guys into stalkers. Nobody likes stalkers.

No girl likes being stared at when she is trying to dance with her friends, trying not to be super awkward since she is like the seventh wheel. I definitely do not want to be introduced to Stalker now. He made me angry and uncomfortable. He is too shy. I do not associate with shy guys. That might make me shallow, but I love to talk.

Maybe, Stalker, if you had said hi to me early in the night, and not had your friend wait until ten minutes before the bar closed to try and intervene, you might have gotten a hello. I stand by what I said to my roommates though, I’m not meeting my future boyfriend in a bar. I especially don’t want a shy, stalker, staring type to be my next boyfriend. I just don’t.


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