The human mind is a mysterious entity. It can get taken over and not work, when the synapses have been infiltrated, and the mind succumbs to the delay and mental processing and alterations in the way we experience reality. Yet, time moves on. Life goes on ahead even if the mind wasn’t what it once was, even if it’s not capable of experiencing the same thoughts, or pondering the same experiences. 

Our minds create creative outlets that we wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise. Our minds allow us to feel complex emotions and formulate the social emissions required for friendships, romances, and familial relations. Our minds allow us to feel lonely, happy, angry, confused, hopeless, hopeful, sad, exuberant, joyful, telepathic, dangerous, free, and a whole host of other emotions that is unique to each individual’s human experience. 

Without our minds, we wouldn’t be able to make simple choices about what we are going to eat today or what we are going to wear today. We wouldn’t be able to think about traveling or reading our favorite books, or even enjoying our favorite television show (because let’s face it, as mindless as television may seem, you still require your brain to process a lot of it).

This is my possession that I most value. The fact that I have a creative mind that is constantly analyzing, fluctuating, synapsing, experiencing emotion, and allowing me to function on a simple, daily level. I would be lost without my mind. I am so glad that my mind- which is constantly analyzing every single situation- is the way it is. 

I used to wish that I was someone else. I used to wish that I was anyone but me and not as awkward and confused as I felt. If I was someone else, my life would be so much better, so much easier. If I was someone else, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so sad a lot of the time. 

What a waste that would be. I am starting to feel these pulls and pushes to make a difference in the lives of others that I have never experienced before in my 25 years of life. It’s almost like a runner’s high. My productivity is spiking, my appreciation for nature is skyrocketing, my enjoyment of just simply being outdoors has increased astronomically, and I am finally okay in my own skin. 

It didn’t take experiencing anyone else’s experiences to feel that way. It took my mind. Me. My loves. My hates. My hopes. My friends. My mind. It took living my life and beginning to love it that finally made me believe that I could be free. I can be myself and not have to be ashamed or care what anyone else thinks. I would have never gotten to this point if my analytical, thinking brain had not been there 100 percent of the way, encouraging me when I made mistakes, and helping me pick myself up and get back onto my feet. 

My favorite possession isn’t something you can touch, it’s something you can use. My favorite possession isn’t anything that someone can steal from me, it’s something that’s completely my own. For now, while I can grasp my mind, while I can control it, while I haven’t quite lost it, I am going to do good. I am going to do good for myself, absolutely, but I also am going to find whatever possible way I can to do good for those around me. My mind will let me get there. 


4 thoughts on “mind.

  1. Great post. I love that you chose your mind. My post meandered in a similar direction and if I had continued writing I think would have come up with a similar conclusion as you.

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