Your friendships come and go. Your romantic relationships blossom, flourish, and then eventually, they dissipate. This is how life goes. No matter what we do, we can’t disrupt the flow of it all. We can’t prevent what’s going to happen from happening. We oftentimes delay it, but eventually, time takes its course, and the inevitable suddenly sneaks up on us and happens.

In a world where discarded items are sometimes examined, the markers of past friendships sometimes come into place. They represent memories that the person witnessing the items cannot even fathom. The person witnessing the items does not understand that cup from Starbucks that once held a frapucino while two friends met for coffees and contemplated their lives.

This person does not understand that note that someone once furiously wrote and then crumbled with the palms of his or her hands. The worker can only imagine the meaning of the items. The imagination is a wild thing, of course. The mind works in mysterious ways storing particular memories and sending others away. The worker oftentimes comes across discarded CDs. Nowadays, the worker understands that a lot of people have iPods or other devices that allow them to listen to the music without purchasing CDs or having a use for them.

The worker forms a collection of the CDs, not knowing that at one point, the CDs meant something to the original owner. These people were people of resilience and hope who purchased music with the intention that it would better their lives and their situations. The individuals knew that music could promote utter and complete relaxation, when utilized in the appropriate manner.

On the off chance that the owners of the items were reunited with the items that they had thrown away, a change in their demeanor could be witnessed by the worker. The worker could tell that the items had been missed, not for the sake of the physical presence of the items, but for what they represented. The items represented good times or times when life was extremely difficult but it had been overcome. The items represented healing after failed relationships and temporary stress relief. The items represented friendships that were once so beautiful the moon was envious.

The items were discarded but once they were found life became more meaningful. Lost friendships were sought after, and once found, the friendships were developed again. They were able to flourish and provide the support that had once been overlooked. The worker at the dump was able to head home with a smile on his face each and every day for he was the thief who returned the items to their rightful owners. He was the thief that stole in order to create more good in the world.


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