It’s as simple as trying your best. When you no longer feel whole, you simply persevere. You taste the sweetness of victory, and yet it is completely out of your grasp. You want to touch it so badly, and yet it’s impossible. 

The best you can do is encourage yourself. You’ve run out of ammunition. You’ve run out of almost all of your hope. Yet, the strength has to come from somewhere inside. Your friends and family have told you over and over. You need to stop doing what you are doing. You know this, and yet, you are trying to face the impossible. 

The mountain is only as big as the climb, you’ve been told. You’ve been reminded over and over how you need to be stronger. 

But, you’re not. 

You’re all you’ve got in the long run. You’re the one who controls your breaths. You’re the one who makes the choice to act or to not act. You’re the one who gets to say no to the person who is imposing on your time. You are the one who begins the journey and begins to re-write your future. 

By saying no to someone who is beginning to hurt your soul, you have chosen to stop the future from becoming more hurtful, more draining. You have finally accepted your responsibility to make a change. It may not feel very good, or, it may cause you to scream out in ecstasy. Either way, you’ve chosen. 

The journey cannot begin until you have made the decision and let the person who’s hurting you go. Let them be. When you can do that, you’ll begin to do more than just survive. You’ll begin to live. 


5 thoughts on “clouds.

    • Mostly the foreshadowing is there but very subtle and probably mostly in my head. This post was inspired by a conversation I recently had with a friend about a relationship that is dragging her down. I think I left the foreshadowing up to the choice of the reader: to choose to fix it or to keep it the same. I did not take the prompt literally simply because I did not feel like writing up a dialogue. Thanks for your input 🙂

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