Well, I had a bit of disappointment when I tried to post this on Monday… I had some technical difficulties while trying to include some pictures for this entry, and lo and behold the 30 minutes of writing I had completed disappeared into thin air when I pressed “publish post”. Then, I was so busy the past few days, that I did not have time to redo the post, nor can I honestly remember the majority of what I had originally said… but here’s to me giving it my best shot… And I promise if I do post pictures, they will at least be in a separate post.

On Saturday I had the first time experience of being a DJ assistant. My close friend is a DJ and had been asked to go down to the Boston area to do this wedding, and her assistant (best friend) backed out on her last minute (I could make a whole blog post ranting about friendship and canceling plans- but I won’t, for now, at least…) So I volunteered to be her DJ assistant, never having done it before.

The job was simple enough- help her pack the car and set up at the wedding, watch the DJ area when she needed a break, monitor microphones/speakers as needed, and help take down and pack up the car at the end of the day. The experience was one I will never forget and one I hope to have again in the future.

I spent the majority of the wedding dancing my ass off. I literally stood behind the DJ table with my friend and never stopped dancing. Even when I began to experience some stomach problems, I went right back and just kept on dancing. It was quite a fun experience for me (and fun isn’t the right word- it doesn’t begin to describe how awesome it was).

The wedding took place at a 17 million dollar estate in the Boston area. Now, it didn’t seem like a 17 million dollar mansion, but it was a historic mansion that has been kept in pristine condition and continues to be a private venue to this day. I could not get over how amazing this estate was! The lawns were perfectly manicured, everything was clean, there were several greenhouses lined up in a perfect row… and the wedding ceremony was stunning.

There weren’t too many guests, the bride and groom both looked gorgeous, and everyone was happy. You could see the happiness in the guests’ eyes as they made their speeches with tears in their eyes and hope in their voices. The couple was that one couple that everyone talks about where they are completely flabbergasted at the couple’s seamless perfection together.

There were many cute guys on the dance floor and at those tables making toasts and eating their meals, however, I did not feel the need to go and talk to any of them. I keep repeating to my friends how I am not ready for the dating world. I feel as though when I am ready, this wedding inspired me to go ahead and chase my dreams of falling in love.

The wedding really did give me some hope that someone is out there. I took it as quite the learning experience as to what it would look like when I find the one who fits me perfectly. There is no need for me to feel scared, yet there is no need for me to feel ready either. I need to just be and live my life, otherwise moments like this will simply pass me by.

I am learning to take opportunities as they come up, knowing when to say “no”, and to say “yes” when I feel like I should be shaking my head, yet I do not have a reason for doing so. I am learning that there is already oodles of love in my life, and it’s simply around me already in my friends and family. If a guy comes into my life, he has some pretty big shoes to fill due to all the effort and love that surrounds me already. I will continue to learn and grow every day: that is my goal. I am not going to sit around and wait for a prince charming to come along, I am going to accept that he will come one day and simply live my life to the fullest in the mean time.


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