I have been neglecting my writing lately, but I have been thinking of making a new post in this blog almost every day. Moving is a hassle. And unpacking is even worse- especially when your kitchen and bedroom and closet have both shrunk. What a nightmare it’s been. I do think my room might be done today or tomorrow- thank god. 

I want to talk about something today that really bothers me. Maybe I am just an old-fashioned modern person, and I am just missing something here. Is it just me, or is it really hard to make guys in a relationship happy and loyal? I mean don’t get me wrong, every straight, single girl wishes for that prince charming to sweep her off of her feet and take her away into the sunset and live happily ever after. 

It doesn’t work that way, at least anymore. What is wrong with guys? Last night a guy started to dance with me, turns out he has a girlfriend. Yuck. Why on earth would you even do that? If you miss her so much, then go be with her. Clearly you don’t miss her that much, as evidenced by the fact that you’re trying to dance with me…

Another example, is a friend of a friend who’s been in a relationship with this nice girl for a few months. She’s beautiful. She’s a reporter. She’s smart. What more could you want. She’s also crazy about this guy but has no idea…. that on the nights when they are not together he’s out sleeping with other women. 

Again, call me old fashioned, but if I am dating someone, I would want it to be exclusive. Not that I don’t mind someone who I am casually dating casually dating other women, but when it comes to like the fooling around parts and sexy time and what not, I don’t want to be sleeping with you if you are doing the same thing with someone else. Gross. 

I don’t really know what it is about guys in my generation. I think I am missing something here. Witnessing these endeavors of guys who are in relationships makes me so thankful that I am single. I don’t have to deal with wondering if my guy is really just out with the guys or if he’s grinding up on some chick or sleeping around. I don’t have to deal with any trust issues bc the only person I have to trust is myself. And I know I can trust myself 100 percent. 

And this is why the title of this post is sparkle. It’s because the fact that I am single finally allows me to be comfortable in my own skin. It took almost 2 years (although we aren’t there yet…) of being single to make me sparkle. I can feel it when I am out with my friends. The sadness has finally been elevated, been lifted, and been sent away. I’m glad that I sparkle. It makes me realize I don’t need any of this crap. I need find an actual gentleman and I don’t mind sparkling all the way and back for years if that’s what it takes to find someone who’s going to treat me right. 


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