Yesterday, I had the chance to spend the day in Boston. I literally can’t remember the last time I spent any time there… I think it’s been about three years and it was long overdue. 

As someone who spent high school living in a suburb less than 20 miles from Boston, I had spent a lot of time there as a teen and in my early college years, but since I became an adult and started living on my own, I had neglected my favorite city. 

There were people there from all over the country supporting the marathon, which will be tomorrow. The marathon bombing actually happened on my birthday, last year, and its was a very traumatic experience for me, seeing as my mom was on lockdown at work in the city. And seeing the horrific images on the news, while sitting helpless at home, with my dad. 

Now, a year later, I am overwhelmed with how impressive the teamwork and passion is of this beautiful city. I can’t believe the strength people have shown, the support that has been given, and the will to carry on and persevere that has been exemplified. The loyalty of the runners, coming back the next year, only to run the same race, not showing their fears or worries, completely blows me away.

Since we signed a year lease to stay in our current city until May 2015, I can only begin to dream about what I am going to force myself to accomplish in the next year. I am going to force myself to write more and to be more creative. I know I have been saying this for months, but, I am going to get there! I simply have to. I also am going to make it my goal to move forward with my life. Boston seems like a good next step for me. 

I haven’t been meeting people, or branching out, or moving up in my current job situation. If I could figure out a school to attend in Boston, or a job to have in Boston, or have a volunteer position in Boston… then maybe it would begin changing my life in ways I could never even imagine. I hope that I can get there. I have to make some sort of progress, and if I have to pull myself out the door, then that’s what I am going to have to do. 


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