I have been so busy.

Dealing with the bullshit my landlord has caused proved to be extremely stressful and not very fun. There’s nothing worse than worrying that in a month’s time if you are going to have a place to live or not. I was entirely terrified of ending up homeless.

Luck was on my side, for just this one time. We somehow managed to have a few landlords requesting us, surprisingly. So, on Friday, we were able to sign a lease. It was also our first choice of a place to live. What a relief. So, in a few weeks, I will begin a new chapter of my life, renting a house… but… we won’t be downtown anymore. We won’t be able to walk 2 minutes to get a cup of coffee. Almost everything will have to be accomplished by driving, but… we will be living on a peninsula with the ocean on 3 out of 4 sides in our neighborhood. So, the past horrific 3 weeks are over, and I have moving and packing to look forward to now.

With that said and done, I am on to my next topic. The world of “but…s” Let me explain. With guys, for me, every single time, there is always a “but…” For example, the last boy who asked me out on a date was awesome, into country music, being outdoors, super cute, but… he was a total player and trying to get as many girls as possible.

I had a crush on this guy I know via a mutual friend but… he totally is still in love with  a crazy ex girlfriend who threatens people’s lives, and they talk every day. Let’s see what else I have encountered. He is the greatest guy but… he lives at home and has a 2 year old daughter and a crazy ex wife. He’s a wicked great person but… he’s one of my best friends, he lives an hour away, and I am simply not attracted to him.

I mean, I don’t know what guys go through, and I don’t know what my female friends go through. I know for me, personally, there is nothing more frustrating than coming across these “but…s” when it’s already too late. What I want to figure out is, when does it stop. When do the “but…s” become good, and we find a decent person.

I could care less about crazy ex girlfriends, to be honest, and I could care less if you aren’t the brightest tool in the tool shed. I could care less if you have a college degree, or how much money you make. I could care less if you swear a lot and drink just a little too much whiskey. Hell, as a vegetarian, I might even be able to get over the fact that you might enjoy hunting. All I want is a decent guy who isn’t going to belittle me, hurt me, and treats me as his equal. I want a person whose “but…s” are minimal. I want a person who can admit when they make a mistake, and just be able apologize without being told to do so. I want a person who makes me feel excited to see them at the end of the day, and who I miss when they’re not around.

I just would appreciate it very much if “but…s” weren’t such a huge issue as of late. And when did finding a guy become so damn impossible?


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