There’s something beautiful in experiencing pain and coming out on the other side alive, and not completely broken. Yes, for sure, I have had my share of let downs, bad news, and heart break. In those moments, I did not not think my pain was beautiful. But, I do now.

It takes baby steps to get rid of pain. It takes finding your center, and learning how to laugh and live. It takes stopping the act of putting the blame on yourself. It takes friends. It takes time. It takes cups of tea. It takes traveling to new places and revisiting the old. It takes smiling, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment. It takes quite the hike to get up that mountain.

When you make it to the other side, oh boy is that view breathtaking. Absolutely mesmerizing.

My pain, although uncomfortable at times, is subsiding. I think that we experience these moments for a lot of reasons, the biggest being: to learn. How else would we improve ourselves? We learned about the kind of people to not trust, the kinds of actions to not repeat, the kinds of things to not say. Those moments of learning are simply beautiful.

We need to learn to live with less regret. Yes, you fucked up. You royally messed up. You really made an ass of yourself. But, it’s fine now. It never seemed like it was going to be okay. Give yourself a pat on the back, your survived the fall, and you got up. You hiked up that mountain, and now you’re looking down on the reasons for your pain, and you’re laughing. The laughter is beautiful. The view is beautiful. You are a beautiful person.


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