We all have our own unique journeys and the never ending steps that we are taking along the way. We are all important in our our unique ways. We are all struggling, journeying, and fighting our own battles each and every day. 

When someone takes your will to fight away, and you become lost, hope seems like its far beyond your reach. People think they are getting so much out of belittling others. I try to be an honest person, but I never intentionally belittle those around me. I hope that each and every person does the same. I know that we are not perfect. 

I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. I don’t expect those around me to be perfect, because in reality, no one will ever be perfect. We all fight to find the perfect job, the perfect friends, the perfect significant other. Perfection does not exist. You might find me to be rather pessimistic, but I am not trying to be a pessimist. I am telling you about reality.

My journey is just beginning because I finally got the courage to tell someone who was belittling me. My journey is so important, just like everyone else’s. I have mountains to climb and places to visit, and I realized I needed to stop trying to strive for perfection in something I was not very good at: knowing what to say. When someone’s standards for their friends are set so high that the friends don’t have any leeway to mess up, perfection is simply impossible. 

I am a human. I make mistakes. I have made many mistakes and I am going to keep on making them. I will continue to fight for myself because I am just as important as the next person. I don’t have time for people who want to bring me down just to feel as though they have brought themselves up. I am a human being and I intend to keep avoiding perfection and living my life in the ways that it feels right. 


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