Us single people, well, we have quite a deal of swag. Once we get over most of the hurt, we get more stuff done. We spend more time with our friends and family. We run more, we laugh more, we get more alone time. I definitely walk with more confidence than I did when I was in a relationship so very long ago. 

I am comfortable in my own body because I am single. It’s slowly growing on me. I don’t have to shave my legs or lift weights and try to impress a single other person. I can focus on my work and myself. I can sit on my ass all night if I want to, watch crappy or cheesy movies, and take (or not take) any or all of the compliments people give me. And if people call me names, I can finally laugh at them and walk away. 

It’s so hard to want to be dating anybody now that I have accepted my single swag. I am so happy by myself, or this is what I have told myself over and over again so that I don’t have to let anybody in. I am still pondering my predicament. Do I let someone in even when it’s really scary, or do I just stay like I am, content, but certainly not living life to its full potential? I am lost at this point. 


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