I am going to give some advice to all those people out there who love the holders of the boobies/ rant a little bit. I am going to talk about a word that can be almost as insulting as someone calling you ma’am or miss when you are shopping or being waited on at a restaurant. I am talking about the word cute.

Should you call puppies, kittens, rainbows or articles of clothing cute? Absolutely. Should you call a baby, little kid, or that new hot pink convertible someone else felt like buying cute? Oh yeah. However, just in case you guys out there were wondering, it’s not okay to call a woman cute. Cute is for middle school. Cute is for that ugly sweater that you don’t know what to say about and need to think of something very quickly to save yourself from embarrassment.

Here’s why. When a woman uses the word cute to describe a guy, she is using it because he’s not exceptionally good looking. Cute is for guys who we are shrugging off because we don’t know what else to day. (Hey what do you think of Todd? Oh, he’s cute.) Words that actually mean we are interested include: handsome, super successful, hot, gorgeous, nice butt, intelligent, wonderful arms, good-looking, etc. We don’t use cute for a guy we are actually into. We use cute for our little cousins.

It’s extremely unflattering when a guy calls you cute. I can’t even begin to describe the frustration I feel when a guy thinks it’s okay to ask you out because “you’re cute”. What THE HELL is that. I am not cute, I am a 24 year old woman who works harder than you can imagine and eats about TEN TIMES more food than any guy I have ever met. I am a woman who takes care of herself completely and totally alone and does not need your help to do so. Yes, my laundry is piling up in my closet, and yes my car is a piece of crap, but I am working a full-time job and I am damn good at being independent. You calling me cute is complete crap and insulting on many levels.

I am not in middle school anymore. I have the stretch marks, cellulite, and acne-free face to prove it. I am not wearing an ugly sweater that someone bought me that I actually kind of hate. I’m wearing stilettos, bitches. I put on perfume and I have done my make up well, and I did not come out tonight to be told that I am cute. How about you try calling me something that I can actually work with, something that actually makes me feel good about myself? Beautiful. Intelligent. Stunning. Hot. Drop dead gorgeous. Breathtaking. Tell me you like my dress. Just don’t call me cute. Ever.

To conclude, the more you call me cute, the less interested I become. If you do it right away, you’ve already lost your chance. Consider me gone. Women all over are dying for straight men to find the originality to come up with some good compliments and genuine effort all on their own.


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