I have got to stop telling myself that I am old and that I am running out of time. Being nearly 25 isn’t old at all. I still feel like time has flown by, and wonder why am I not a little kid playing with my toys in the driveway anymore? People go through unthinkable hardships and they survive. I can’t even imagine surviving some of the things that people I have come in contact with have been able to survive.

It’s inspiring. For a little girl whose brother was shot to death back in Africa, who worries about her fathers safety back in the country, to children whose parents did not want them and would rather put them in the horrid conditions of an European orphanage. To young mothers who’ve given birth to a child with a disorder they were told was highly improbable, to children who live fourteen people in a two bedroom apartment. These people I have met are all still positive. They are some of the happiest people that I know and yet they face struggles each day that the average person is incapable of even imagining.

I can’t say that I want to know what it’s like to have such struggles. I can’t even say that I appreciate my own struggles very much. Let’s face it, my struggles are annoying regardless of their level of severity. I have hope though for myself and for everyone around me. I really do. I think that I am going to be okay right now. I think that the people around me will persevere. We have resilience. We have the ability to move mountains, to awe those around us, and to perspire greatness out of our bodies.


One thought on “resilience.

  1. resilience is wonderful! getting through the awful times is painful, but we do. yes, seeing how joyful people are in africa, while living without the “extras” in life, is something i will never forget… precious… simply precious.

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